Frequently asked questions

What size crown should I use?

Say goodbye to ill-fitting crowns and hello to the perfect fit for your home. Our expert team ensures that your crown size is just right

For 8 foot ceilings we recommend: 5" to 6"

For 9 foot ceilings we recommend: 6" to 7"

For 10 foot ceilings we recommend: 7" to 8"

What size do our mouldings come in?

All of our crown mouldings are 14-16ft long which makes installation is quick and easy with minimal joints. Our other interior trim items range from 8ft to 16ft.

What is MDF?

The term "MDF" has become a household name like "Kleenex" and refers to an engineered wood product.

Fiberboard is a GREEN product in that 100% of its wood content comes from recycled wood. Many years ago this wood was burned or filled up landfills but is now made into beautiful panels to manufacture moulding, furniture, and cabinets to name a few. There are many manufacturers across Canada and the United States that produce ultra-lite to high density fiberboard. 

These are the different levels in fiberboard:
 - U-LDF: Ultra-Lite Density Fiberboard 
 - LDF: Low Density Fiberboard
 - MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard
 - HDF: High Density Fiberboard

In most big box stores the most common level of fiberboard is LDF but it is misconceived as MDF because it is used as generic term for fiberboard. The level is determined by the amount of fibers used, resin amount and compression. The higher the density, the more fibers and resin are compressed to create the same profile.

How long does it take for installation?

On average we only require one day for our installations. However installation time varies based on the scope of the work being competed. Our primary concern is the quality of the work being done, not necessarily the time it takes to complete the project.

Every project is completed in a timely manner, however we take the necessary time to do things right the first time.

We usually require 2-3 weeks lead time, but that varies based on the time of year.

Is painting included in the price of installation?

No, painting is not included in the installation price. All of our crowns are primed white with an industrial primer that is environmentally safe.

We recommend that you wait 24 hrs after the installation is complete to paint.

Are you open to the public?

We are open to the public. Come in and visit us to purchase materials or discuss installation services with one of our sales representatives.

Is cutting crown the same as baseboard?

All crowns have a spring angle that determines the angle it is cut at. Most crowns sit on a 45° spring angle but some are at 52° or 38°. Some smaller crowns can be vertically nested on the saw to achieve the required 45° cut. We suggest that our crown are cut in the flat position and the compound method used to set the bevel and mitre. This will provide you with a more accurate cut since you are not struggling to keep your long length up against a saw fence.

Also it will allow you to be more accurate to adjust the settings for walls/ceilings that are not square.