Applique Wainscoting

At Crown Cornice Mouldings & Millworks Inc. uses appliqué wainscoting, a popular alternative to 3D or recessed wainscoting. Your existing baseboards don’t have to be removed to install appliqué wainscoting on your drywall. These applications consist of three main components; a chair rail, a panel moulding which is used to create picture frame-like boxes, and your baseboards. All of these boxes are custom sized for your wall. An easy way to create an elaborate design is to add larger boxes above the chair rail, adding character and flair to any space, from a hallway to a dining room.

Here are some popular options: 


Standard 36" Wainscoting                         Top and Bottom Wainscoting
Full Length Wainscoting                                                   Triple Wainscoting

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